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University of Sunderland
Ph.D. concerning interactive computer-based art.


Polytechnic of Central London (PCL)
BA(Hons) Film & Photographic Arts. 2.1.



University of Sunderland:
Research Fellow, Senior Research Fellow, then Professor of New Media Art.


Freelance arts organiser/writer (UK/North America).
Jobs include:

  • Laing/Barbican Art Galleries (Newcastle/London): Curator for 1996/97 interactive art exhibition Serious Games.
  • The Photographers' Gallery (London): Research/writing for large-scale photography as permanent public art awards programme.
  • San Francisco Photoscape (USA): Guest curator for day conference at The Exploratorium on interactive technology and family snaps.
  • SF Camerawork Quarterly (USA): Guest editor of public art issue.
  • See also Speaking, Writing, and Awards


Head of Photography.
Projects UK (Newcastle)
Head of photo department in a multi-art-form, publicly-funded, innovative media arts centre. Manager of three assistant posts. Responsible for programming/curating all photography department events, including exhibitions, conferences, courses, and public access darkroom facilities. Major events include the 1989 and 1991 National Photography Conferences, and the 'New Lights' European Photography Festival.


Polytechnic of Central London
(now University of Westminster)
Part-time lecturer on the BA (Hons) Media Studies, and BA (Hons) Film and Photographic Arts courses (theory and practice).


Society for Cultural Relations with the USSR (London)
Part-time post, with participation in cultural exchanges with USSR.

Selected Awards and Grants

2016-18 Arts and Humanities Research Council (UK) Creative FUSE. Consortium with Universities of Newcastle, Northumbria, Durham and Teeside. Named Invrstigator and manger of PostDoc post.
2014-19 Arts and Humanities Research Council (UK) Block Grant Partnership/CDT. Consortium with Universities of Northumbria and Sunderland £1,200,000 over 5 years for art and design research studentships and named as Centre for Doctoral Training. Named professor and research training leader for Sunderland.

Arts and Culture Department, Korean Government (Korea). Invited guest of government. All expenses paid 1 week research trip award to research New Media Art in Korea (Seoul-based).

2012 Arts and Humanities Research Council (UK) Research Fellowship Grant for £43,110 over 9 months for researching/editing/writing a book on Collecting New Media Art.
2009-13 Arts and Humanities Research Council (UK) Block Grant Partnership. Consortium with Universities of Northumbria and Sunderland over 5 years for art and design research studentships. Named professor and research training leader for Sunderland.

Arts and Humanities Research Council (UK)
Research Grant for £431,000 over 3 years for curating new media art research.

2004 Arts Council of England (North West) (UK).
Consultancy to research Curatorial education and new media.
2003 Arts and Humanities Research Board (UK)
Major Research Grant of £222,000 over 3 years for CRUMB development.


Arts and Humanities Research Board (UK)
Research Exchange grant for 4 month residency at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.


Arts and Humanities Research Board (UK)
SGCPA grant for new media curating web site.


Photography production award. Northern Arts (UK)
Artist's grant for post-industrial project.

1997 Arts Council of England, Northern Arts, National Heritage, The Sponsors Club, Softimage, MARI, Museums and Galleries Commission, Canadian High Commission.
Around £170,000 funding and sponsorship for Serious Games exhibition.


Photography residency. Banff Centre for the Arts (Canada)
Ten week residency, incl. accommodation, board & facilities.


Administrator's travel + research grant. Northern Arts One-month research trip to 'Rust-Belt' North America.

Selected Panels and Committees

2013-17 European Union project PERICLES (FP7), Tate. Project Advisory Board.
2011- Austrian Science Fund (Arts) research council reviewer.
2011 Harris Museum ‘Current’ exhibition & collection selection panel (Preston).
2010- Arts and Humanities Research Council Peer Review College.
2010- Leonardo Electronic Almanac Editorial Board (USA).
2010 ISEA 2011 (Istanbul) International Advisory Board.
2010 Transmediale special advisory panel.
2008 Intermedia: New Media Art… AHRC Research Network (Tate, London).
2007 Invited external interviewer for Chairs (University of Newcastle).
2005 Cultural Quarters Star Prize (Leicester) £750,000 media public art selection panel.
2005 Database of Virtual Art (Berlin Humboldt Univ.) International Advisory Board.
2005 The Arts Foundation, (Bath). Nominator.
2004 Creativity & Cognition Symposium: Interaction. Paper Reviewer.
2004 Banff Collaboration Network (Canada) Steering Cmtee & workgroup co-chair.
2004 Creativity and Cognition Symposium (Sydney) Programme Committee.
2003 UNESCO Digiarts Virtual Library. Expert advisor.


Lovebytes festival, Sheffield. Advisory panel.


Digital Dreams, Newcastle. Advisory panel.


The Arts Foundation, Bath. Nominator.


South Bank Photo Show, London. Judge.


Northern Arts Advisory Panels, Newcastle. Digital/Photog.


N.M.P.F.T.V./ I.C.I. Photography Awards, Bradford. Nominator.


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