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This is the first, fairly minimal stage of the Link Project: a few web page links to artists and organisations working in the same field, in North-East England and Rust-Belt North America.

I'd like to extend this considerably to include:

  • more links: if you're an interested person/artist/writer, please get in touch (email Beryl) and I'll add your link.
  • more regions: so far this has involved mainly NE England and N America. I'd like to include other areas impacted by post-industrial (or 'new industrial') change, such as free trade zones in the Philippines, Maquiladoras etc.
  • a curated 'gallery' area perhaps, which could involve actual physical exhibitions as well as a Net gallery, as I'm a curator (see my home page/CV).
  • any ideas for collaboration or joint projects, artists exchanges etc.

for all of these, please just get in touch.



Geoff Weston, Pigeon Loft Photographic artist, has worked extensively on NE issues. (A Pigeon Loft is for racing pigeons, a traditional local working-class hobby).

Mike Golding Photographer, has done work on new Japanese and service industries.

Book of the North A group of writers and artists starting work on a CD project.


Emscherpark in the Ruhr region, is a large trail of architectural works often using disused industrial structures.


Michael Moore (Dog Eat Dog Films) The Mother of All rust-belters. Made the film Roger and Me, about job losses in Flint, Michigan. What can I say ... brilliant, funny and painful. Now on TV with Video Nation.

Tony Buba (Filmography) Another quirky film-maker, out of Pittsburgh. Made possibly the only musical ever about Braddock (see my photo of Braddock).

Valerie Clarkes's Big Bar Photos from the Torch Bar, Flint. One of the few American bars that I've liked. I liked Val too!

Exploring Detroit's Abandoned Spaces Group of good installation/web artists.

Heidelberg Project Tyree Guyton is an 'outsider' artist who does amazing huge installations with junk in some of Detroit's many empty buildings.

metahuman technoboys from Pittsburgh with a sense of humour/society. See the remote petting zoo, and telematics work with prison inmates in Newcastle (USA).

Nine-Mile Run Project, Pittsburgh. Art/Ecological project concerned with reclaiming land post-heavy -industry. Good links to other such projects.

Critical Arts Ensemble formerly(?) of Pittsburgh. I heard Steve Kurtz of CAE say at a conference that as multinational companies could now simply move around the world is response to resistance, then the only valid activism had to be telematics-based. Interesting - but not sure I agree.

Row House Project in Houston reclaims abandoned houses for uses including the artistic.

Sandy Stone cyber-goddess, linked here because her students at Uni of Texas have in the past done artwork about Border (US/Mexico) issues including maquiladoras.

Clyde Hare Landscape photographer, Pittsburgh.


Globalization From Below

Expand the Debate on Globalization from Time magazine.

Focus: HOPE Detroit organisation/charity involving training, childcare, some art projects etc. (I photographed there)

Coal and Community Research at Sheffield Hallam University UK

Maquiladora Information Links




Northern Arts Region galleries/arts listings

Newcastle-upon Tyne area: Museums what's on


Artcite Inc Windsor, Ontario


Wayne State University Art events. Detroit.

The Detroit Institute of Arts Big gallery (with Diego Rivera murals).

Center for Creative Studies Detroit art college.

Greater Flint Arts Council

Arts Foundation of Michigan

Carnegie Mellon School of Art  Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Filmmakers

Three Rivers Arts Festival Pittsburgh

The Andy Warhol Museum Pittsburgh

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