Beryl Graham: Irony 


Set 1: Brinks

Set 2: Sharky

Set 3: Solid

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About Irony

Based on photographs and objects from North-East England, Michigan, Ontario, New York State, Ohio and Pennsylvania, Irony is a 'post-industrial travelogue'. It combines large photographic triptychs (24 in. x 72 in.) with a 'snap subtext' (a linear series of snap-shot sized prints, forming a narrative), and objects collected from each place in 'evidence bags' (including toys, press clippings and tourist trash).

The images deal with the changes in work patterns, race, class and gender relations which are visited upon post-industrial areas. The style collides art-gallery image/text with pulp fiction and Northern irony.

Irony is work in progress. This Internet version of the work is edited down from the full photographic/mixed media work.

As well as this personal work, see also International Ironic Links (a wider Internet project involving other artists working with post-industrial issues). Please participate.

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