"Not a show about new technology; a show about interaction."

Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle: 16th November 1996 to 9th February, 1997
Barbican Art Gallery, London: 19th June 1997 to 17th August 1997.

An exhibition of international contemporary art which is interactive with its audience; from no-tech to Virtual Reality.
Artists have been using interactive techniques since long before computers were invented. This exhibition challenges current debate on human interaction and new technologies such as the Internet, by presenting artworks using computers alongside artists using ... earth. It uses 'the game' as an engaging way into artworks which may be challenging in form or content.

Including six British premieres, the show includes works by artists from the UK, Japan and North America.

Diller + Scofidio, 'Indigestion'
Ritsuko Taho, 'Zeromorphosis: Swans And Pigeons'
Char Davies, 'Osmose'
Ann Whitehurst, 'Netescape'
Toshio Iwai, 'Resonance Of 4'
Bill Seaman, 'Passage Sets'
Harwood, 'Rehearsal Of Memory'
Jim Campbell, 'Hallucination'

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