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Last updated 30 Apr 07

Cambridge, UK, 2007.
26-27 Apr 2007. As part of the CRUMB Bliss-out Centre at Enter_Unknown Territories new media art festival.
The Bliss-out Centre was curated by Sarah Cook and included head massage, tea and cookies, and guest experts. Advice on curating new media art was offered, and people used the games to comment on the content of the Enter conference. Sample comments are below.

CRUMB Bliss-out Centre

Sample game fortunes written by visitors:

Tim. Collaboration comments:
Read more articles about consensus decision making or you’ll always be voted down.
Martyr yourself immediately. No-one will notice but it may offer some small consolation.
Stop looking at your inbox, and pick up the phone instead.
You’re a perfect collaborator. It’s everyone else’s fault.
Almost there, but shorter sentences in offline meetings would be useful.
You’re giving too much. Much more than you know. Selfishness is the answer.
Give way to your inner dictator! The others need bossing around!
You place far too much trust in wikis (+ others to create them for you).

Collective game
The future of the book is the book. Manu
The future of the book is readers digesting. Beryl
The future of the network is small, insignificant and peer-led. Kelli.
The future of broadcast is implosion. Kelli
The future of art and commerce is delicate and incremental. Bill
The future of the network is user-generated content. Beryl
The future is inflatable, and irrelevant. Joel.
The future of collaboration is theatrical. Beryl

Sarah: What is new media.
It’s a jaquard loom
It’s just stuff
It’s electronic
It’s not necessarily new
It’s not an artefect
It’s disposable ephemeral of different value
It’s Over. You tell me.

You will invent Web 6.0.
You will be the last curator of new media.
You will take over flickr.
Your Myspace will get on BBC news.
You will make £1 million on the internet.
You will find happiness with a mobile phone.
You will get stuck in the ether.
You will have an argument with Lev Manovich.

Anonymous :
You will write an award winning blog on crocheting.
You will break your leg doing crochet.
You will do a PhD in Fairtrade cookery.
You will become world speed knitting champions.
You will marry Annette Wolfsberger and live in Austria.
You will die in a tragic knitting needle accident.
You will grow up to be an academic with a penchant for dressing up.
You will run a worldwide knitting club.

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Games made by people at Enter, Cambridge. Click on image for bigger picture. Also flickr page.

An unfinished 'Heaven and Hell'

Sarah Cook with guests

On right, Guest expert Kelli Dipple