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How to play:

Person 1
(holding the game)

Person 2
(responding to questions)

"Choose a colour" (Holding the game closed together).




B...L...U...E (spelling out the word, and opening the game one way on "B", the other way on "L", etc. see animation above).


"Choose a number" (Continuing to hold the game open on the four numbers visible when the last letter "E'" was spelt).




"1...2...3" (as above, only counting instead of spelling).


"Choose a number"




The person folds open the flap with the number 4 on it, and reads out the text underneath the flap.


That seems to be the basic pattern of use, with variations of the number of times the choice of numbers is made. Often the messages inside are 'fortunes' like "You will marry Dracula", or rude like "You Smell!". Variations include the central European Heaven and Hell, and in the USA there is also a variation with
cooties inside. See also international variations on the 'about' page.

How to make your own (all USA):
Cootie Catcher Directions
Ask Prunella's Cootie Catcher


Banff, Sunderland, and Norway.