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January 17th - 29th 2000. I'm artist-in-residence for the exhibition Game Show at Bellevue Art Museum, Seattle, with a public workspace in the gallery. I'm making new games and working with people to help produce theirs.

My games include:

Cooties. Images include a head louse, a flea, a body louse and a virus. Messages inside include: "What doesn't destroy us, makes us strong (we bugs, that is)", "Do you have communicable culture?", "I have the germ of an idea".

Only in North America are these games called 'cootie catchers' ('cooties' are head lice or any other invisible infectiousness which children love to hate). Why? Are Americans obsessed by hygiene? Head lice are still going strong everywhere, having grown resistant to insecticides. I have to admire their resistance to persecution and their ability, like cootie catchers, to spread internationally.

Left Brain/Right Brain. A future-predicting game including fortunes: "Your future will be ... , "... indescribable", "... two-dimensional", "... gorgeously-coloured but wobbly".

Art using computers got me thinking of logic vs. creativity, right brain vs. left brain. The left brain, for example, dominates language and number skills, and right-brain controls 3-D form perception, and imagination.

MASH (Mansion, Apartment, Shack, House). A Seattle lifestyle-predicting game where all the real estate is $599,000, apart from the mansion which is $5,999,000. Inside, there are colours of vehicle to choose, all of which are 4-wheel-drives.

A museum visitor told me of a popular high-school girls' game M.A.S.H., where future housing, boyfriends, cars etc. are foretold. This fitted in nicely with current Seattle issues of high housing prices, and traffic jams of huge 4-wheel-drive vehicles.


Banff, Sunderland, and Norway.